Zipoid 1.2

It does a ZIP code look-up and calculates the distance between two ZIP codes (See all)

Zipoid is an application that helps you to do a ZIP code look-up and to calculate the distance between two ZIP code locations. You can use it to find all the ZIP codes belonging to a specific city or phone area code in the US. When your ZIP code list is ready, you can have a preview before actually sending it to your printer or saving it as a TXT, CSV, or XLS file. All of that in a simple and intuitive user interface.

The program offers three tabs that you can switch according to the function you want to use. The first tab is "Lookup", which allows you to make a search by ZIP code, city, state or area code. “ZIP code” and “area code” modes work in the same way – you have to provide the number and the program will find all the locations that match your choice. Similarly, “city” and “state” modes allow you to either type a city name or select a State from a list of abbreviations, respectively. They both display the same kind of results. All results include all the necessary information – the ZIP code, the city name, the State abbreviation, and the phone area code.

The second tab, "Distance Calculation", allows you to know the approximate distance between two ZIP code locations in miles, as well as the direction in degrees. You just have to key in both ZIP codes and press the "Calculate" button. The third tab is "Radius Search", which provides a very interesting set of results. You have to provide a ZIP code and a distance in miles (the radius), and the program will retrieve all the ZIP codes within the entered radius using the ZIP code as a center point. In this case, the results include all the information mentioned above plus the exact distance between the center point and the ZIP code locations found.

To sum up, Zipoid is the perfect tool for any person needing to verify ZIP codes and to know the distance between two ZIP code locations. The program does it quickly and accurately.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Allows you to preview and print your results
  • Capable of searching locations by ZIP code, city, state, and phone area code
  • Calculates the distance and direction between two ZIP Codes
  • Allows you to find all the locations within a radius of a specific ZIP Code


  • The program features a "Save results to file" command that will work on the paid Pro version only
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